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15. To a 78 years old lady in Phnom Penh

By Muylen | 5 July 21 05:09pm | EthicalMuch Cambodia

God be the glory through EM UK, more food items have handed over to a family living in Phnom Penh. She is 78 years old. Her husband has diagnosed a stomach cancer. He stays only in one place and cannot move (nearly complete paralysis). She lives from hand to mouth with amount of her saving money in the past. She doesn’t have enough money to buy pure drinking water, milk and mosquito repellent. She has only a son but he is unemployed. So earning an income is the hardest situation for her family (jobless household).

Today, EM Cambodia gives her pure drinking water, milk and mosquito repellent. Through food items, it is a great opportunity for us to share with them the love of God. Please keep on praying for us so we can help as many as we can.

Thank you all very much for your prayer and supporting us to help those who are really badly in need!!

Note** To avoid any infectious disease in her house, the EM Cambodia took photo in her neighbour’s house that is a small convenient store.

$29 funded by Muylen personally

Update: The elderly man with stomach cancer died shortly after, but EMC will continue to support his widow.

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