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Welcome new business member Winnow Solutions. Saving tonnes of food waste and £millions of pounds.

By EMEditor | 31 May 19 10:23am | Business News

Watch the video on the Winnow site of their system in action! It’s brilliant. They install their system in commercial kitchens, hotels for example, and it reads the food waste and enables the chefs and catering managers to make changes to their practices and menus. To quote:

Why we are the company to meet the food waste challenge?

Food waste costs the hospitality industry over $100bn annually. Kitchens can waste up to 20% of food purchased, often equivalent to their total net profits. This is because chefs too often lack the necessary tools to accurately measure and manage waste.
What gets measured gets managed, and by using data intelligently kitchens can be made more efficient. Winnow develops technology to help chefs achieve greater visibility in their kitchens and make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs.

Food waste isn’t just a waste of money. It’s a huge environmental issue. Consider the vast amount of land, labour, packaging, logistics, everything required to grow food and move it around the planet. Then consider that as much as 30% of it goes in the bin.

Winnow Solutions use an intelligent camera system positioned over the food waste bin. The system reads the waste, the type of food, the weight, and even the cost of what’s being thrown away. This enables the establishment to make changes. They’re currently saving clients around $30,000,000 in food waste cost a year, and are aiming to up that to a $billion a year as they scale. They’re Global already, clients include Hilton Hotels in Dubai, and Ikea in Norway, and Compass Group in Singapore.

They’ve also sponsored a dozen Good Deeds by joining Ethical Much. Many thanks, from the team here.

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