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This is a rather good platform for CSR betterment.

By EMEditor | 28 October 19 04:08pm | Business News

We’ve just learned about a rather excellent resource for connecting businesses and corporations to charities and good causes. CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, is an area of business with huge potential to be optimised. In a (slightly) different World, the purpose of business would be the CSR, and the profit the means by which it sustains and grows.

Here’s some of the ‘About Us’ info from Investors in Community, do have a look at their site and get involved.

INVESTORS IN COMMUNITY – Ordinary people doing extraordinary things 
Our background – Investors In Community began when we identified that the third sector relationships with business were largely disorganised with nothing to drive the social contributions between the three pillars of giving – companies, individuals and good causes.
At Investors in Community we aim to bring everyone together, offering charities and community groups the ability to manage the giving into their organisation, whilst promoting their projects to businesses and individuals who wish to donate funds, items and volunteer.
Business Members
We have developed a business management tool with a key focus to ensure that companies are able to stay in control of their giving with our unique, easy to use dashboard. Companies can manage staff volunteering their time during work hours and the donations by the business – all of which can be filtered into reports that suit you.
Free to Use for all Charities, Good Causes & Individuals
By providing a tool that gives businesses that cutting edge in managing their Social Responsibility, it has allowed us to create a platform free to use by all individuals and good causes.
Community Credits
Every individual and business will earn ‘Community Credits’ for all forms of giving, which will drive activity as they compete against friends and neighbours to invest the most in their community.

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