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Rise in Popularity of E-Scooters

By studio36digital | 2 August 21 10:15am | Business News

Electric Scooters or E-scooters are rising quickly in popularity. With many countries implementing laws pertaining to their use, e-scooters are starting to become a real alternative to cars for those who wish to travel on the road without having to worry about traffic congestion and long commutes.

Are e-scooters legal?

E-scooters are considered to be legal in most jurisdictions around the world although there are some regions that have specific requirements and regulations pertaining to the use of these vehicles. Currently in the UK, electric scooters are being trialled in some major cities as a method of reducing congestion.

Generally, if you are searching for a vehicle to take you across town, country, or other region that does not require special licensing fees, then an electric scooter might be just what you are looking for. Since most countries do not classify these vehicles as motor vehicles, it is important to contact your local governmental agencies for information regarding the rules and regulations regarding e-scooters in your area.

Is it easy to find a place to rent an e-scooter?

Since e-scooters are still growing in popularity, it is likely that there are going to be many electric scooter rental companies close to where you live or work. The safest bet for renting a scooter currently is to look in the cities trialling their rental, including London and Newcastle.

Where can I find electric scooters locally?

There is a good chance that you will be able to find places to rent these items in major cities. The increase in demand has led to high street stores opening to supply e-scooters for both sale and rental.

Failing this, there are several reputable adult electric scooter specialists online, with the availability to order within the UK.  You will find such suppliers offering a range of top makes, often with the option to buy scooter spare parts and accessories.

Before buying or renting a scooter it’s a good idea to brush up on your electric scooter safety. Especially if you plan on using your e-scooter on roads around motorised vehicles.

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