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How to build an ethical core within a business. And why.

By EMEditor | 10 July 19 01:14pm | Business News

The theory is that if you embed an ethical core within a company, it will permeate the enterprise, then extend beyond it to become an attractive force for talent, customers, publicity, and economic growth.

Imagine a pie chart. All the departments are slices. The Ethical Core needs to be in the centre, so when it grows outwards, it influences every department.

Failure to do this will result in an organisation with some ethical intent, and some stagnant or non ethical areas. This creates an imbalance, and a sense of hypocrisy, or not fully walking the talk.

Done fully, the core will permeate all areas, recruitment will benefit, less sick days will be taken, employees will be happier, more productive, more motivated and less stressed. This is before the core has even reached beyond the internal workings of the business.

Once it does, it will facilitate recruitment, client engagement, new business, supply line management, advertising and marketing, accounting and fundraising, publicity, and open doors previously unseen.

How then to achieve growth through ethics?

What does Ethics mean, in this context?

And how to get everyone on the same page?

That’s the next post.

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