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Food Engineering Firm Celebrates First Anniversary with Service Portfolio Expansion

By vclapham | 24 August 20 11:27am | Business News

Food engineering company, FESS Group Ltd are celebrating their first anniversary with an expansion of their service portfolio in response to an increase in demand for their specialist services.

The Yorkshire based engineering firm now provides additional services including mechanical and electrical engineering and construction support on top of the project management, process control, and energy and utility services the company has provided to food-based businesses over the last 12 months.

Managing Director, David Anderson adds: “FESS is built on over 20 years experience working in the the food processing, manufacturing and ready meal sector: it’s our passion, and an industry that never ceases to surprise when it comes to development and innovation. Over the last year we have had the pleasure of working with large, established businesses including national food retailers, to SMEs including growing disruptor brands and manufacturers. With the growing demand in certain areas including factory expansions, sustainability strategies and health and safety we’ve expanded our services to ensure our clients can be confident they are working with experienced and skilled engineering professionals who know the industry, and fully appreciate the challenges and opportunities available.”

FESS Group responded to the coronavirus pandemic with the provision of automated hand-sanitiser units, specifically for high footfall areas including factories and warehouses.

David adds: “The food industry has been on the front line throughout the pandemic. Health and safety is always a priority concern in the sector but now we know even more about the virus, hand sanitization is one of the primary ways of preventing transmission. We have supplied the Steri-Fess hand sanitiser unit to a range of businesses from offices to hospitality venues who are all prioritizing the health and safety of their staff and customers.”

FESS Group have recently redeveloped their website, added a new branded van to their growing business and have expansion plans to increase the team over the next few months.

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Bird Lovegod on 24th August 2020 11:28:33

This is cool :)

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