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A ? chats with a Scarlett ? about a lovely event on Brick Lane called Honest House :)

By ethicalmuch_admin | 15 November 18 01:43pm | Business News

Bird Lovegod chats with Scarlett Gurney from the Old Truman Brewery on Bricklane in the quiet village of London…

? Hello lovely Scarlett… With regards to ethical business and ethical living … do you think it’s having a revival of sorts? What’s the feeling?

? There is no doubt that this is a growing industry! With education and exposure on social media, general online activity and documentaries we are continuously learning about the effects of consumerism and the devastation it creates to our environment and the living beings in it. The demand is there and brands are becoming more transparent, combined with a conscious attitude toward the way they create their products. 

? I suppose is that there’s some sort of link between being ethical and being nice and kind? Talk to me about that, it’s a theory I’ve been working on!

? There is absolutely a link between the two! Having an ethical conscience is about a higher connection to the planet both environmentally and socially. Kindness is an intrinsic value in all of the brands that we work with, they promote self-care, care to others, to animals and to the Earth. Mindfulness is a huge element of this industry too, as slowing down, taking the time to ground yourself and think creates awareness between yourself and your surroundings. In turn, we can make kinder more considered choices. 

? OK, what kind of businesses will be there at the Honest House events? And who’ll be visiting, I’m guessing many a tourist 🙂

? It’s your perfect pick and mix combo at Honest House. The brands we have on board all have something unique, individual and innovative to offer! We want to help our audience create an ethical way of life, so they all revolve around things we can purchase and use to implement small changes that make a big difference. At our next event you can expect to see zero waste, plastic free, cruelty free and vegan, recycled and up-cycled as well as fair trade products. From fashion, beauty, homewares and plant-based food, we have the lot! There will also be a few interactive elements such as The Vegan Mellanhand’s ‘create your own vegan bath oil work-shops’ PLUG (the ticket link can be found on our Instagram page). 

Many of the brands we work with are local to London, so we have a fantastic community of local people who are drawn to this event! Of course the infamous Brick Lane attracts many tourists too so it’s sure to be a busy weekend!

? I used to sell art on Brick Lane back in the days when it was like Bartertown in Mad Max 3 … What’s the word on the street in London right now..? It must be coming up to Christmas ..  is everyone in a flap already?

? It’s safe to say if you live in London you are immersed in everything Christmas! It really is a magical time of year and we have so much going on onsite from now until the big day.

? Scarlett … You would say that you’re a relentlessly positive magical Unicorn! Go on then, tell us some good news from our glorious capital.

Let’s just say that we have had the opportunity through Honest House to meet incredibly inspirational people and with so many fantastic initiatives such as The Truman Brewery’s Vegan Nights and external organisations such as Vevolution, No Planet B and Zero Waste Market (to name a few) there is a huge shift in the way people are starting to think about consumerism. The good news, well better than good…

?…the fantastic news is that we are on the verge of positive change, towards a more ethical, sustainable and happier world!

? …

Well thank God for that! And thanks for chatting Scarlett you big fabulous Unicorn you!

You know you love it you Unicorn fans xxx

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