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Receive shares in EthicalMuch.

How the shares work

We’ve devised a unique way to structure a company. 

October 2020: Disclaimer. The share structure is in the process of being authorised and the above description is accurate to the best of our understanding at this time. For this reason this information is for guidance only and is non-binding. Thank you for trusting us. The shares are your reward for doing so.

We’re still formalising the systems and process.

If you subscribe you will be given free shares. There is no risk or liability on your behalf.

We understand it will look like this:

There will be 10 million ordinary shares in EthicalMuch Ltd. These are the shares everyone receives. They all have equal voting rights and value.

5 million shares are split between the founders and 5 million shares are held in reserve and assigned to the subscribers. 

The first 100 subscribers will receive 10,000 shares each. 1million shares between them. This is the stage we are currently at.

The next 1000 subscribers will receive 1000 shares each. 1m shares between them.

The next 10,000 subscribers will receive 100 shares each. 1m shares between them.

The next 100,000 subscribers will receive 10 shares each. 1m shares between them.

The next 1,000,000 subscribers will receive 1 share each. 1m shares between them.

These shares will pay dividends, if the company makes profit. Which we intend it to.

They have voting rights, and we intend to develop an app for subscribers to vote on company matters.

As more subscribers join, the Good Deed fund will become massive. Subscribers will also be able to access it and vote on how to use it.

In the event of the company being sold, the shareholders will receive the value according to the price and their shareholding.

The company will be like a private Plc. It’s a new way of structuring a business. The aim is to make every subscriber a shareholder, and thereby part of the journey, the decision making, and the success.

Imagine if Facebook was owned by all the users, or Netflix by all the subscribers. 

That’s what we are building.

 A new kind of company run in a new kind of way. 

Join us.

Thank you, you’re welcome.

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