Support Fund

All revenues from our platform go into our Support Fund. This includes all membership subscriptions from individuals and businesses and all other revenues, including sponsorship funds we have left from when we were just a media platform.

Members can use the Support Fund to do good deeds and acts of kindness. We totally understand that many members will not wish to reclaim the money they spend.

However, some members are themselves low on money, and this fund enables them to continue serving their communities.

So, as a member, you can use the fund to buy shopping for people, or buy utilities, or other vital needs.

We are currently limiting it to £20 per good deed, and a maximum of £50 for any member in any month.

We are reviewing these figures and will change them to optimise the system.

We will be updating this aspect of our service continuously and hope to be able to provide members with support and the ability to support others long into the future, including when this current situation has passed over.

Thank you for your participation.

How to claim from the fund:

For now, whenever a member posts a Good Deed we will ask them if they want to claim from the fund. If so, we will refund them as above.

If the member has a receipt for the purchase we will refund 100% of the cost, within the limits above.

If the member does not have a receipt we will refund 75% of the cost.

This process will be update continuously as things change.