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Sharing the good things your business already does makes great business sense.

So how can Ethical Much add value to you?

As a business you probably already do good deeds, donate money and resources to charity, and just kept quiet about it. It’s a very British way.

However; it’s becoming really important to share good news and good deeds. It’s inspirational, motivational, it actually makes more good happen. It sets an example and it gives people hope. Please don’t keep your good deeds and business ethics a secret!

EthicalMuch is the place to share it.


Tell us your good news and good work and let them shine. And we take it further. Now you can sponsor Good Deeds as a way of supporting charities and making good happen.

  • Decide how many Good Deeds you want to sponsor. They’re £5 each. The £5 goes to charity for each one. Let’s use the example of 20 Good Deeds.
  • Ethical Much members do those 20 Good Deeds. They’ll post each one on the EM site, and each one will say ‘Kindly Sponsored By Your Business’ at the top of the post.
  • These Good Deeds are then shared on social media, by us and by the members. Typically this creates a couple of thousand digital impressions.
  • You the business get the benefit of generating Good Deeds, the publicity of sponsorship of them, and the pleasure of giving to charity.
  • The members enjoying raising money for their favourite charities and the enjoyment of doing Good Deeds.
  • The charities benefit. Everyone benefits. Including the people and communities actually receiving Good Deeds!

Here’s an idea… join as a business, then invite your employees to get involved, have a ‘Good Deed Day’ and raise some money for your chosen charities.

If you like, we can help you partner with a single prefered charity, working with them to raise funds and publicity.

There’s more benefits of business membership which you’l learn and enjoy. You can post news and views onto the EM site, you can donate prizes for the best Good Deed, and run competitions with us, there’s so many ways we can make Good Deeds Good Business. You can add special offers, gifts and incentives into the New Members packs and Mystery Rewards.

First things first. Choose your membership option and join the EthicalMuch platform. The option at £10 a month should get you started. Tell us the good you’ve already done, and let’s do some more.

Sponsoring Good Deeds makes Good things happen.

Register Here and try it.

(We include 2 Good Deed sponsorships with your £10pm subscription to you can experience how it works in practice.)

(Or 75 if you’re feeling awesome)

If you would like to support one specific charity by sponsoring Good Deeds we can also make that happen. Ask us about it! [email protected] 07535 670 581.