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Sharing the good things your business does makes great business sense.

How can Ethical Much membership add value to you?

1./ Re post your blog posts on EthicalMuch, drive traffic to your own site.

2./ Share the good CSR you do. It’s inspirational, it’s motivational, it makes more good happen. It sets an example and it gives people hope. And each post earns a £1 donation to charity.

3./ Every Good Deed posted earns £3 for our charity partner. Do Good Deeds, as a business, and raise money for survivors of human trafficking.

4./ Your £100 annual membership automatically includes sponsorship of 10 Good Deeds. This means £30 of you membership goes to charity, and you receive 10 thank you’s on 10 Good Deed Posts by our members.

5./ Donate a monthly prize to our members for doing Good Deeds and encourage the community, if you wish.

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Questions? Ask us about it! [email protected] 07535 670 581.