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About Us

Weโ€™re a really small team, based in Sheffield, Manchester, and London, (all from home at the moment!). We started in March 2019 as a members Good News and Good Deeds media platform. We wanted to make a better social media, a really ethical one.

The Managing Director is Bird Lovegod, Bird is an artist, you can see his work here, he paints and does humanitarian intervention art, of all things, and he’s also a media company founder. He also writes for the Yorkshire Post and for various technology companies. The tech team are these guys, www.Under2.Agency, and our finance is in London. Everyone just does their bit.

How do donations work?

People donate money, we use 100% of it at point of need, document the good deed, and publish it on the site. Then we tell the donor which Good Deed they funded. It’s totally efficient and transparent. We developed the system almost by accident. We were a media company (we still are!) and so when we started doing Good Deeds we published them as news. It just made sense.

Is EthicalMuch itself a charity?

No. We are a Limited Company, Ethical Much Limited. Before CV19 we were a media platform that also raised money for charity… Now weโ€™re operating our own support fund, to do Good Deeds with. Being a limited company means we can raise money to expand if needs be, and make very quick decisions about what to do. We think we do charity very well as a business:)

How does EthicalMuch make money?

You can subscribe and become a member, and receive our magazine. That’s our revenue. We are also starting to sell ethical products and artworks and take a commission on those. We don’t make any money from donations it’s all used directly for helping people.

Can people join for free? Why is there a membership fee?

One of the biggest problems in social media is fake and ‘throw away’ accounts which are used for abusive, unethical, illegitimate, and sometimes illegal behaviour. Facebook has literally hundreds of millions of such accounts. It’s very hard to stop. Our way of preventing this from the outset was to charge a nominal membership fee to authenticate people as real, genuine, and wanting to join for the right reasons. As the memberships are renewed every year, it keeps the community real and current. UPDATE: Also, members now receive our magazine and support our vital work with their subscriptions. Also, once we’ve talked it through with you, as a member you can even do Good Deeds and claim back the cost. So the membership fee is a sort of commitment really. Let us know if you can’t afford it though.

Do you sell advertising?

No, not at all. We may do in the future, but there’s no need really, businesses can join as a member and post their own offers and promotions if they wish. Businesses can also sponsor good deeds, and make waves of goodness and publicity too. UPDATE: We now welcome select advertisers into our print magazine and product catalogue.

Do you sell data or members information?

No, not at all. We think that’s an unimaginative and not very ethical business model. Not our style. We do sell art though, in our magazine! Selling art and beautiful things is better than selling peoples data.

If you have any other questions please email us, [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help. ๐Ÿ™‚