Q and A and About Us

We started in March 2019 as a members Good News and Good Deeds media platform. We’re a really small team, based in Sheffield, Manchester, and London, all from home.

This is Bird Lovegod. He’s the director of EthicalMuch. (The Bird on the left!) Hello. Bird is an artist, you can see his work here, he does humanitarian intervention art, of all things. He also writes for the Yorkshire Post. The tech team are these guys, www.Under2.Agency, and our finance bod is in London.

CV19 Update: We started EthicalMuch in March 2019. One year later the world has changed and we are ready to do our bit. We now have a Good Deed fund and are in the businesses of saving lives and healing the World.

How doest the Support Fund work?

Members can do Good Deeds and post them on the site. If the member has spent money doing the Good Deed they can claim it back from the support fund if they choose to. We have some money in the pot from Sponsors. In addition we are raising more, and membership fees go into the Support Fund. See more here:


We are still developing this system and will continue to as it scales. As it stands anyone can ask for support by text or email. (Members and Non Members can request support). We will then notify our members in the local area to see if they can help. Think of it as UBER, but instead of requesting a lift, people are requesting shopping doing, or a friendly phone call… Uber for Kindness!

When did EthicalMuch start?

We quietly started in March 2019, and spent the first 9 months developing the most positively ethical business model we could. Social media is fraught with problems, dangers, and lack of ethics, we wanted to see if we could create a better way. Then CV 19 happened and we made a few changes, adding a support fund.

Who operates EthicalMuch?

We’re a collaboration between web developers and software engineers Under2.Agency who built and maintain the platform and the artist, journalist and media founder Bird Lovegod who developed the business model. This included working for 6 months as a charity fundraiser as part of the research into how to make both fundraising, and media, work better hand in hand.

Is EthicalMuch itself a charity?

No. We are a Limited Company, Ethical Much Limited. Before CV19 we were a media platform that also raised money for charity… Now we’re operating our own support fund, for all our members to use. Being a limited company means we can raise money to expand if needs be, and make very quick decisions about what to do.

How does EthicalMuch make money?

Right now we don’t but that’s OK! No one is taking any wages and there’s almost no overheads. All our revenues are going into the support fund. We will let you know if this changes. For now the most important thing is to build up the memberships and build up the support fund.

Can people join for free? Why is there a £1 per year membership fee?

One of the biggest problems in social media is fake and ‘throw away’ accounts which are used for abusive, unethical, illegitimate, and sometimes illegal behaviour. Facebook has literally hundreds of millions of such accounts. It’s very hard to stop. Our way of preventing this from the outset was to charge a nominal membership fee to authenticate people as real, genuine, and wanting to join for the right reasons. As the memberships are renewed every year, it keeps the community real and current. UPDATE: Also, all the membership money goes into the support fund.

Do you sell advertising?

No, not at all. We may do in the future, but there’s no need really, businesses can join as a member and post their own offers and promotions if they wish.

Do you sell data or members information?

No, not at all. We think that’s an unimaginative and not very ethical business model.

If you have any other questions please email us, [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help. 🙂