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Posts Earn Money For Charity

As a member of Ethical Much every time you post onto the platform money is donated to our partner charity Snowdrop Project. They’re a registered UK charity supporting survivors of human trafficking and you can learn all about them on their website,

How the donations work:

We have a number of businesses who sponsor Good Deeds. Every time you post a Good Deed, £3 is donated by one of them. You’ll see at the bottom of each Good Deed post it says ‘Sponsored by (A Company)’. You can see all our Good Deed sponsors here:

We also have sponsorship by financial advisory firm Ethical.Money. From this we donate additional money to Snowdrop Project for every post under every other category. So you can post about Art, or News, or Business, and we, EthicalMuch Limited, donate to Snowdrop Project each time. The amount may vary, depending on the number of posts, currently it is also £3.

If in any month the number of posts exceeds the amount of money we have available in sponsorship we’ll suspend this part of the offer for the remainder of the month. This way we never run out of money.

In order to protect the company, for example, if memberships surged unexpectedly we reserve the right to change, withdraw or suspend the donation amounts at any time without notice. However, we hope that won’t be necessary. We currently have an abundance of funds for donation. Currently, every post, in every catagory, unlocks another £3 to support people who really need and deserve it.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d like to hear from you, please email [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

Thank you for being involved. Join here.