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Vision and Mission

Business has the ability to change the World for Good. Here’s our contribution. We’ll keep adding to this as we progress.


A totally ethical social network and media platform.


To build a global community of ethical people, companies, and organisations willing and able to support one another.

To provide a media platform for those people to publish on.

To make good deeds happen by encouraging the people who do them.

To raise money for charity.

To raise children from poverty through sponsorship.

To add and create value for every member and non member.


To take responsibility for the present and the future and to act in accordance with the best of humanity whenever and wherever possible.

To accept everyone as they are, whilst endeavouring to continuously raise the ethical effect of the whole.

To encourage everyone to higher level of ethics, individually and collectively.

We define Ethical as a scale ‘In accordance with the interests of Life.’ We endeavour to follow Jesus’ example.

We aim to to sponsor as many children as we can. The number of children sponsored is a key metric to the success and viability of EthicalMuch.

To be continued.

EthicalMuch Ltd. Registered in England, company number 11856732, registered office 1st Floor 10 – 16 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4RU. Call 07535 670 581 or email Hello at