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Your Good Deeds support survivors of human trafficking.

Every Good Deed story you post is worth £3 to Snowdrop Project. Based in Sheffield, (as are we), Snowdrop provides ongoing practical support for people who have experienced terrible trauma. Support includes befriending and counselling, assistance with education and employment, home renovations, and much more. See the Snowdrop Project website for full details.

Snowdrop Project. We are a Sheffield based charity, which provides long-term support to empower survivors of human trafficking. We work closely with clients to ensure their individual needs, which are often complex, are met. Visit Site.

The donations are made by our fantastic sponsors, who match each Good Deed post with a £3 donation. This means simple Good Deeds, as small as saving the life of a fly, lending a phone charger, or being kind to a friend, now ripple out to support people who have experienced the worst of humanity. Does the kindness and goodness of the many overcome the darkness of the few? We sincerely believe it does.