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Membership is open to everyone aged 13 or over. It’s also open for businesses, charities, and other organisations.

Publishing Access

Members can submit content for publication on the EM media site. We ask members to share what’s good and we reserve the right to decline any content if it doesn’t meet editorial standards. We also reserve the right to edit content according to editorial standards. Members are responsible for the truth and accuracy of any submissions. In the event of dispute we reserve the right to remove the content.

We don’t publish sexual imagery or text, or links to such, nor violence, nor other material considered to be distressing or negatively impacting.

The Good Deed Fund

We have a fund available to reward members to do Good Deeds. This fund is provided by generous businesses.

Members can do Good Deeds and post them on the EM media site. Providing the Good Deed meets our standards and are published we will reward the member.

Rewards are either Mystery Rewards, including cash, vouchers, and gifts, or alternatively a £5 donation will be made to a charity.

Membership Referals

We reward members for growing the EM platform. Members receive £5 for introducing new members.

Stay beautiful, and enjoy using the EM platform. We love you.