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Membership Policy

Thank you for joining the Ethical Much community. The Ethical Much media site is a great place for individuals, businesses, and charities to share their news. We’re an open space, moderated and edited for quality and suitability. We welcome everyone. To Share What’s Good.

Here’s our policy’s and how it works.

Your membership gives you publishing access.

This means you can submit content for publication on the EM media site. We reserve the right to decline any content for any reason. We also reserve the right to edit content for any reason. Members are responsible for the truth and accuracy of any submissions. In the event of dispute we reserve the right to remove the content pending investigation.

Members must be aged 13 or over.

We don’t publish sexual imagery or text, or links to such, nor violence, nor other material considered to be distressing or negatively impacting.

The Good Deed Fund:

Another unique feature of Ethical Much.

We have a fund of money available for members to do Good Deeds with. For every member who joins, more money is added to the fund. It’s also added to by generous businesses.

Using the fund:

Members can do Good Deeds and post them on the EM media site. Our editor/s read and respond to them. At the Editors discretion Members may be refunded the cost of doing the good deed, up to a maximum of £10 per good deed, and a maximum of £30 per month per member, providing there is sufficient balance in the Good Deed Fund.

Ethical Much does not guarantee to cover the cost or expenses of Good Deeds, nor do we accept any liability for them. Our intention though is to refund the costs of Good Deeds and enable the members to act with spontaneous kindness without having to be concerned about it.

We may also use the Good Deed Fund for bigger humanitarian actions. Members can ask us to support good causes they identify.

Membership Fees.

Much for people: Suitable for all individuals, writers, bloggers, creatives, artists, students, and everyone looking for a cool space to post.
£4 per month.
Publish on the Media Platform.
Access the Good Deed Fund.
Receive payments for referring new members.
Cancel at any time.

Much for business:
£40 per month.
Publish on the Media Platform.
Receive free display advertising.
Receive payments for referring new members.
Cancel at any time.

SMEs, sole traders, and micro businesses such as Etsy or eBay sellers are entitled to 50% discount.
Charities and good causes are entitled to a 50% discount.

Referral Rewards:
Inviting an individual rewards you £1 per month.
Inviting a charity or micro business rewards you £5 per month.
Inviting a business rewards you £10 per month.

EM for Everyone:
For every 25 members we sponsor a child. We will share with you as much information as we are allowed regarding your collectively sponsored child. We hope you invite more members, you will receive payments for doing so. You are responsible for your own tax affairs regarding payments we make to you. Upon joining you will be sent login details with an automatically generated password which you can change to a more memorable one. Full terms and conditions and membership info is available here.

Stay beautiful, and enjoy using the EM platform. We love you.

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