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40./ When in doubt….Glow Up!

By Cherry | 5 May 19 01:57pm | Good Deeds

Kindly sponsored by Equiniti Credit Serivces.

I recently got into watching a programme called Glow Up. A reality show where make up artists competed to win a contract with one of the world’s biggest agencies. Thinking one a my friends might have applied for the second series (she’s ace as a make up artist). I asked her the question! She’d never heard of it! Well she has now! She’s applied too. Watch this space. Just goes to show, always pass on information….you never know! Does this count? 

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Editor on 5th May 2019 14:00:08

Hi Cheryl, Thanks for this kind Good Deed ... Sometimes it’s the little things than can make a really big difference, so much love for your kindness ans consideration for your friend. Which charity do you want to support Cheryl? And remember, you can pick a kindness reward for yourself! X Editor

Cheryl Holland on 8th May 2019 8:25:26

I would like to donate to Women Centre Ltd. I would like to claim my free catcus from Katie! Thank you! A small kindness goes a long way x

Editor on 15th May 2019 15:53:49

That’s super Cheryl, we’re in touch with Women’s Centre Huddersfield to make a donation to them. Have a lovely day, ED

Editor on 16th May 2019 14:43:23

Just letting you know, we donated £5 to the women’s centre as requested. (As always, we can provide proof of this on request.) Happy to give again and again, for all those good deeds you do. Much Gratitude, ED

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