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12./ Twenty quid kindness

By Cherry | 7 January 19 09:15pm | Good Deeds

So today I did something I’ve never done before. I usually give the odd bit of change to homeless people, buy them a coffee but donate my time to charity. For some reason this chap was different. I felt a connection. Piss wet through and frozen Sat outside Sainsburys I gave him some change but entered into conversation with him. Asking about services he could or couldn’t access. Told me his story, yes he’d had alcohol misuse issues after he lost his job and then his wife left him…about how now, kids kicked him and spat on him..he only needed £20 to get a bed  for the night and the owner might keep him on. The last time he’d been there 28 days paying lodgings by doing oddjobs. Heart strings pulled, cash exchanged hands. My last £20, though I didn’t tell him that. At least I have somewhere warm to sleep. He sobbed like a baby when I gave it to him. ” You have no idea what this means, how much you have helped me.” And gave me a hug. Yet in the back of my mind I was thinking, “Would he do it or was it a rouse to get money for whatever alcohol he needs? A familiar old story heard by regular passers by?” Is it any of my business once money changed hands What he does with the money? I would Probably get smashed out of my face to keep warm or block out the hideousness of being on the street. Well I rolled the dice and the odds were in his favour. I didn’t see him for a few days but soon enough he was back in his spot crying then when I spoke he realised it was me he stopped saying ,’I’m hungry just trying to get enough for pizza.” He’d got his place for a few days looked a bit cleaner but thanked me again saying,” You don’t know what you’ve done for me. Just to have a bath! To go the toilet on a toilet! Thankyou!” Look excitedly showing me his keys. I smiled knowing I’d done someone good. My boyfriend saw him a week, after same spot same story. But just goes to prove the hamster wheel existence of life that these people are on. Indeed which we are all on, in this rodent race. It makes me wonder what would happen, if we all just got off.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 7th January 2019 21:22:50

Cheryl, that was really kind of you, and generous. And we know it was Christmas when you did this kind and loving thing. And we understand it’s often hard to know what to do in these circumstances. Your heart was moved, and you acted accordingly, and it seems to me like that’s the most important thing. If you had been more cynical you probably wouldn’t have given, but then a little piece of you would shine a little less brightly. You’re obviously one of those people who like to give, who feel the need to. The World needs more and more people like you. X We usually only give members a maximum of £10 for individual good deeds unless pre arranged otherwise. But in this case, and because you deserve it, we’re giving you the full £20 back. X

Nicola on 7th January 2019 23:39:45

The part where you decided not to judge where he was spending the money, demonstrates the true compassion of your action. I have worked with the homeless and I can tell you that the journey out of that existence is as wide and varied as the people on the streets. The solution can be simple in some cases and more complicated in others. However, the solution to the problem begins with humanity.

EthicalMuch Admin on 8th January 2019 13:25:52

Thank you Nicola for those insights. Humanity is is probably the answer to pretty much all of our problems, I’d say. Feel free to share some of your experiences with our audiences. Much Gratitude, EM

Cheryl on 8th January 2019 15:33:08

Thanks Nicola, my heart went out to him and all the others. I wish I could give to them all, or help them in some way.

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