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59./ The awful moment when your phone battery dies and you really need it.

By Cherry | 28 June 19 09:58am | Good Deeds

So I’m on the train on the way home and a young chap gets on. The ticket inspector doesn’t come round for ages. I can see the lad panicking a bit as his phone has died. The inspector is being quite unsympathetic and goes to get his machine to charge him again. Now I’m the person that never charges her phone too and always buy paper tickets because of this. So feeling his plight (for once I have charge!) I lean over and ask him if he wants to borrow mine. The inspector then relents and says its ok I’m just goingto let him off this time but warns him next time he will be charged. Job done! Is that 2 good deeds in one? xx

Also I’d like to suggest Platform One, mens charity in Huddersfield please, to be added to your list. 🙂

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