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50./ Long way home

By Cherry | 10 June 19 10:35am | Good Deeds

So today I came out from an appointment i regularly keep and met a woman and her children waiting at the bus stop and her bus had missed. She was going tog et the bus to another town to wait in its bus station to get the bus home. It was throwing it and where we were was quite exposed. Then that bus missed. The next bus that was to arrive wenr tgrough the edge if town but didn’t go to the bus station and she didnt know the way. So i decided to stay on the  bus and make sure they got to the bus station even though it was out of my way and i’d have a 20 minute walk back home….I needed the walk anyway!

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Editor on 10th June 2019 10:50:31

Very kind of you Cheryl, I bet the lady and her children thought you were an angel x Which charity would you like to receive the £5 donation from the sponsor ?

Editor on 17th June 2019 10:57:17

We made a donation of £10 to Women’s Centre, to cover this good deed, and also number 51. Thanks Cherry! Just to confirm, your donation has been processed and sent direct to your charity. A message from your Charity: Your donation to WomenCentre is greatly appreciated.If you are interested in supporting us further, you might consider becoming a member of WomenCentre. Further details can be found here: With gratitude, all at WomenCentre Calderdale and Kirklees Your Donation Summary: Your donation to: WomenCentre Limited Your donation amount: £10.00 Your donation reference: 190617898AF

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