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13./ Better than a badgers eyebrow.

By Cherry | 7 January 19 09:48pm | Good Deeds

Getting on the bus today I noticed a young man who looked quite shy not making any eye contact with anyone. Then I noticed he had the most incredible eye make-up on. I felt pretty envious and wished I could do my make up like that. I always end up looking like a badger! So compliments where compliments are due. Fairs, fair. I said “By the way. Your make-up looks fab. I wish I could do mine like that.” The smile that illuminated his face was beautiful. He looked like he’d just won the lottery. “Thanks so much! Have a lovely day!” came the reply head up, eye contact and smile given. Moral of the story, always give that authentic compliment. You never know, you might make someone’s day.

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EthicalMuch Admin on 7th January 2019 21:50:58

Badger! We love badgers, we have the same colouring :) Black and white badgers rule OK. Ohhh and thanks for being so kind to the young man Cheryl. It’s words like that that can have a profound and deep impact on peoples self confidence and self esteem, I bet you made his day, maybe changed his life. I bet he remembers you. We’re sending a little pressie to you to say thanks for being awesomely lovely. Just a little free gift X

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