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39./ Bee Happy! ( it is now )

By Cherry | 4 May 19 06:47pm | Good Deeds

This sweet as honey Good Deed was kindly sponsored by Equiniti in Leeds.

So today in the rush to get out of the house I saw a bee which was literally on it’s last legs. So I decided to give it a leg up on a leaf and it give it some sugar water. Took it inside, fed it and it buzzed off! Job done! Here she/he is having a good ol’ feast!

EDITOR SAYS: After some flappin around we donated £5 to Heeley City Farm for this kind good deed!

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Bird Lovegod on 4th May 2019 18:50:03

Well that’s a lovely bee!!!! Well done for the assistance !

Editor on 5th May 2019 14:02:47

You saved a life Cheryl! The life of a bee! There’s something rather special about that, made all the more so by the fact a bee is so much smaller than you are :) Blessings on you. Kind girl! Is there a Bee charity you want to support with a donation? And remember to claim your kindness reward if you want one! X Editor

Cheryl Holland on 5th May 2019 14:05:24

Yes if there is a bee charity that would be fab!

Cheryl Holland on 8th May 2019 8:08:57

Ooh and please could I claim my good deed for nails @Halo

Editor on 9th May 2019 10:50:59

Chery you can go to Halo and show them this message and claim your voucher that way ... or we can post it to you if you go to your account (My Account at top of the screen) and add your postal address! We’ll find that bee charity for you! :) Stay happy and buzzing and thanks for the brilliant Good Deeds you do! DEAR HALO LADIES ... CHERRY ?CAN HAVE THE VOUCHER PLEASE! ?

Editor on 15th May 2019 15:20:10

Hello Cheryl! Well that took us a while, sorry about that! We had problems trying to donate to a bee charity, but finally got there in the end... So we just donated £5 to Heeley City Farm, they’re a lovely city community farm and they also care for bees... Hope you’re buzzing along nicely today, the sun is shining and everything’s Lovely... Big thanks to Equiniti Credit Services for sponsoring the this Good Deed, one of 75 they’re making happen! Muchos.

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