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51./ Old fossil from an old fossil

By Cherry | 10 June 19 10:40am | Good Deeds

Been away last weekend and visted Robin Hoods Bay and BoggleHole. Spent some of the time by the sea looking for fossils. So i’m on the beach at Boggle hole and we find one, I’d noticed that some of the kids been unsuccessfully looking for them, so I gave them the one I’d found. They looked like all their birthdays had come at once.

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Editor on 10th June 2019 10:53:11

That’s very sweet, I bet they keep that fossil and tell their great great grandchildren the story of the kind girl on the beach, :) Which charity should be donated to please? Save The Dinosoars?

Editor on 17th June 2019 11:00:32

We made a donation to Women’s Centre, because that’s who you supported last time. See Good Deed 50 for emailed confirmation of donation. Thanks Cherry!

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