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Good Deed Posts Win Prizes!

As a member of Ethical Much every Good Deed you post earns £3 for our partner charity, Snowdrop. That’s because our Good Deed sponsors make the money happen! But that’s not all!

Good Deeds win prizes! It’s like a game, the fabulous Game of Good! 😀

Our Mystery Prize Sponsors provide prizes for our members.

  • Every Good Deed wins a prize.
  • The ‘best’ Good Deed as judged by our ‘judges’… PRIZE!
  • The most Good Deeds posted… PRIZE!

Prizes vary month to month according to our sponsors, and we keep them a secret mystery until announced at the end of the month! 🤫

Some prizes are physical and we will require postal addresses to send them to. Ooooh exciting!!

Good Deeds win prizes and raise money for charity! How good is that?