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EthicalMuch for Businesses

Ethical Much is a unique system for businesses to benefit from whilst really impacting the World in a positive way.

As a business you can join from just £5 pm.

You’re then free to post news, special offers, and updates onto the EM site. You can also do good deeds and post those.

If you have a company blog we suggest creating short articles for Ethical Business section that backlink to it, driving traffic and increasing views.

We encourage posts about positive news, ethical business, technology, and clever stuff. All business news is welcome.

As part of your business membership you can sponsor Good Deeds @£5 each, typically in batches of 20, 50 or 100. (The £10 a month membership includes the sponsorship of 1 Good Deed each month.)

Good deeds are done by members of Ethical Much. Each one is posted onto the site. The sponsoring company is noted in the post, and a £5 donation is made to a selected charity.

The posts are shared on Twitter, where we have over 800 followers, including some major influencers. They are retweeted and reshared and so on.

  • This system provides funds and visibility for the charities
  • Generates great publicity for the sponsoring businesses
  • Many thousands of digital impressions across multiple platforms
  • Exciting media engagement and coverage
  • It’s great marketing
  • It’s great SEO
  • And it’s great CSR

There’s ways to get even more creative with it.

Or we can develop a National Good Deed Day…

Or a National Good Deed Week.

Or Month.

Or Year.

Every Year.

We can change lives, our communities, society, everything, with a Great Good Deed Event.

With Good on our side, we can do great things in business. Let’s go to work. Start by joining today. And if you have any questions, feel free to talk to Bird, our MD, on 07535 670 five eight one.