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Look around you. Everything you can see, with the possible exception of the sky, has come from a business. Amazing isn’t it? Clearly we have the ability to shape society, change lives and create huge impact with our companies.

That’s why we’re inviting every ethically minded businesses to promote themselves on our platform whilst immediately impacting the World in a really positive way. Here’s how it works:

Join as a business and sponsor Good Deeds.

  • Sponsoring Good Deeds is a way of giving to charity.
  • 100% of the money goes to charity
  • Plus a Good Deed happens
  • The business sponsoring the Good Deed gets thousands of positive digital impressions and engagements every time.

Sponsoring Good Deeds is a way of promoting your business whilst giving to charity. The Good Deeds are done by our members and their families and posted onto the site. We expect many of them to be done by young people and children.

Good Deeds cost just £3 each to sponsor. Every Good Deed on the Ethical Much platform has the sponsors name on it. Every one is further shared on social media, creating thousands of positive digital impressions.

A £3 Good Deed can reach the hearts and minds of thousands of people. And all the £3 sponsorships are donated to charity, changing lives, saving lives, restoring sight, and having a huge impact.

As a business member you’re also welcome to post news, special offers, and other content onto the site. Our Good Business category is perfect for sharing short articles around ethics, business, and CSR. All business news is welcome. Our Shop Ethical category is also there for your to promote on.

As a business member you can also provide prizes, rewards, and gifts to members doing Good Deeds. Ask us about this if it’s of interest.

  • Bottom line: Joining Ethical Much and sponsoring Good Deeds generates great publicity for your business with many thousands of digital impressions across multiple platforms.
  • And it heals, saves, and transforms lives across the World.
  • It’s great marketing, great SEO and it’s great CSR. All in one.