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Ethical Much for Charities

From a charities perspective, EthicalMuch is an awareness raising platform and a fundraising system, all in one. Here’s how it works:

Raising Awareness and Profile.

As a Charity Member you can log in and post onto the site, sharing your news, campaigns, information, even job vacancies and shout outs for volunteers. EthicalMuch is a social media, so everyone visiting the site can read your posts. We also share them on Twitter to 800+ followers. Our members and audience are ethically minded people wanting to help.

Raising Funds.

When a member of Ethical Much does a Good Deed and posts it on the site, they can choose a charity to receive a donation of £3.

At the end of each month our members receive a certificate showing how many Good Deeds they’ve done, and how much they’ve raised. (Currently this amount is capped at £15 per month per member).

The members then choose a charity from our listings and we donate the money.

Raising Even More Funds.

We’ll help you create a Good Deed Team of your own by inviting them to join EthicalMuch and do Good Deeds for your cause. We can assist with this.

As a charity member we’ll help and support you in your fundraising efforts. The aim is for your charity to raise profile, raise publicity and awareness, and raise funds well in excess of the membership fee.

We understand EthicalMuch is a new concept to you, we’re very pleased to be able to work with you to make it work as a fundraising platform. Call our MD, Bird Lovegod, on 07535 670581 or email hello at if you’d like to discuss further.