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I’m coming to the conclusion that Facebook is fundamentally corrupt and fundamentally corrupting.

By bird_lovegod | 21 December 18 12:37am | Business News

Facebook is like a disease without a cure. Spreading around the world. Everywhere it goes it harvests information on everyone in that country at huge scale. And it allows itself to be used for the manipulation and oppression of those people.

For regimes willing to use fear, manipulation, lies, it’s a propaganda machine and weapon. For those with integrity and honesty it’s an uneven playing field where the only rules are those one makes for ones self. So of course the less integrity and honesty and righteousness one has, the more corrupt power one can exert via the platform. It’s corrupt, and it’s corrupting in its application. The World would be a better place without it.

Please read this from and tell me I’m wrong.

What is Mark Zuckerburg actually thinking? Does he care, on a personal level? Is he so into his company he can’t see it’s no longer a force for good? Doesn’t he know it’s been twisted?

Why doesn’t he take some responsibility and do something?

I really want to know.


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