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About Child Sponsorship

Ethical Much is a members media platform to share what’s good. It’s also a way to raise children from poverty and support them.

Child sponsorship is a huge part of the EM mission.

See our Sponsored Children Here

It costs £25 a month to sponsor a child. We use £1 of every membership fee every month for that purpose, so 25 members equal one child sponsored.

So how does the Child sponsorship process work?

We contacted all the major child sponsorship charities in the UK, and asked them all the same questions. (You can see those questions below.) We were disappointed to find most of the charities didn’t directly support individual children. Instead the sponsorship was diluted by being used for ‘projects’ within that child’s community.

Whilst this has value, in our opinion it doesn’t have the same impact. There is no end to poverty in communities in poor areas of the World. However, there is a finite number of children. They are individuals, they can be helped, one by one by one. Like the story of the Starfish, if you know it.

The exception was a Christian charity called CompassionUK. They were also the only child sponsorship programme to have been externally audited for effectiveness. You can read the report here.

Here’s the Questions we presented to all the child sponsorship programmes, and the response from CompassionUK, our current preferred charity.

Can a UK registered limited company ( EthicalMuch) sponsor a child? Yes 

 Is the sponsorship 1 to 1? One child – One sponsor? Yes  

Does the child receive the sponsorship? Yes 

What percent of the sponsorship does the child receive? At least 80% goes directly to the child. 20% goes towards administrative costs. 

In what form does it take? Compassion partners with local churches in 25 developing nations. The local churches identify the neediest families within their communities and a child from the family is enrolled onto the child development programme. Through sponsorship the children are given medical check-ups, a healthy meal when they are attending the project, vocational training (e.g. sewing, hairdressing, mechanics, carpentry), extra tutorial lessons for subjects they may be struggling with at school.

Does the donation support the child’s community? Indirectly, yes. 

If so, how? We find that sponsored children give back to their community through sharing the knowledge they acquire while on the programme e.g hygiene education regarding when to wash hands is passed on to family members and communities at large and this stops the spread of waterborne diseases. Monetary gifts that sponsored children receive sometimes result in livestock for the families being purchased which creates self-employment for families.  

Can we write to them? Yes, we value both the monetary contribution and the relationship nurtured through letter writing.  

Can we see who the child is before sponsoring them? Yes, you can see a photo and a brief description of the child before sponsoring him/her. 

Can we send gifts? Yes, you can send monetary donations and flat paper items that can fit in an A4 size envelope e.g. stickers, bookmarkers and books. 

Can we send money? Yes. A maximum of £150 a year for an individual child gift. A maximum of £750 a year for a family gift. A maximum of £1,500 a year for a project gift. 

Has your sponsorship scheme been externally audited in terms of results? Yes 

By whom? ( Link to results if available)  

Can we visit the children in person? Yes, after a year of sponsorship we can arrange for sponsors to meet their sponsored children. 

Can we share a photo of the children online with the members of (in a password protected area of the site, members are identity authenticated). Due to our Child protection policies this would not be possible.  

Can we share a photo of the children to the online audience of (freely available on the internet). Due to our Child protection policies this would not be possible.  

Can we share their letters online with the members (in a password protected area? Due to the sensitive nature of the letters that the children sometimes write, this would not be possible.  

Can we share their letters online with the audience? (freely available on the internet.) Due to the sensitive nature of the letters that the children sometimes write, this would not be possible. 

How many children do you have currently seeking sponsorship? 25,443 

If you’d like help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With every blessing.

25,443 children. Imagine if we could sponsor them all. It would be the biggest thing ever. And it would demonstrate to other media companies and other tech companies how their wealth and influence could be better used.

To sponsor that many children will take 636,075 members. (25 x 25,443) For a social media company, that’s not actually very many!

If we reach that target it will also mean there will be £636,075 in the Good Deed Fund every month. And that’s for all of us to use. Some of it we can use to further support our children. We can also visit them. How exciting!

So there you go. Thank you so so much for being a member of EthicalMuch. As part of your membership we’ll let you know every time we sponsor another child. And we’ll let you know as much as we can about the one you sponsor with 24 other members.

You can see our progress, and the next child in line, here.

If you have any questions regarding our child sponsorship process, please let us know. We love talking about it and sharing the passion we have for this aspect of Ethical Much. And if you’re wondering if child sponsorship really makes a difference, read this article , regarding FGM in Kenya.

We aim to give our members as much information as possible about our children. However, we are constrained by child safety procedures, so we cannot show the children’s faces or full names. We can however say how many we sponsor, where they are, their age and sex, and provide some other information. The child safety rules are sensible. If we show the children we sponsor in an identifiable way, we potentially put those children at risk in their own countries. We’ll do our best to work with CompassionUK to share as much info about our children as we can, without risk.